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Certa Dose App: Be the hero you truly are

The story behind the app

Giving the right amount of medication to a patient when there is limited time is one of the most critical tasks of a medical professional. The Certa Dose app fills that need that healthcare professionals have in various areas of their work lives. We realized they want confidence and certainty with tricky and challenging medical situations yet having enough flexibility to practice their style of medicine. Besides that, timing is crucial and having something quick and easy to use for adult and pediatric emergent dosing is not just important, it's essential.

Caleb Hernandez is a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician and he sees his job as tough but does it because he understands the power and effectiveness of a synergistic healthcare team.

“When everyone is on the same page and working up to their highest potential, we can do miracles together. We can grab lives at the tip of the abyss and give families a second chance to have more time together.”

Who can benefit from the app?

The app is important because it allows every nurse, physician, paramedic or provider equip themselves for the most challenging emergencies, and have the information that they need at the point of care so they can have the confidence and peace of mind that they are giving the correct amount of medication.

Professionals know what to do, they know the proper steps, we help them sort through the details quickly so they can get to their destination without any wrong turns.

The Certa Dose APP is like GPS for dosing, it lets you know where you're at and guides you to where you want to be.

Top 3 features

Our app has innovative features that separate it from other solutions and make it especially effective.

For example, we recognize that in an emergency you may not always know a patient's weight or age for dosing, and sometimes a Broselow tape may be out of reach. Our app has a virtual measuring tape that uses the NIH NHANES data set to correlate length to ideal body weight, so you're always prepared to obtain an estimated weight.

The Certa Dose app is the only one that allows you to visualize the correct volume of medicine in the correct syringe.

Up to twenty percent of dosing errors happen when the provider calculates the dose correctly but draws up the wrong amount on the syringe. We're the only app that visually addresses this failure mode, so you don't become a victim of the dreaded "death by decimal point".

Additionally, the app's ability to keep track of what's been given with a summary or "run report" for each emergency or code.

Post-event documentation is difficult and sometimes there isn’t enough time to enter the information into the EMR. HCPs will rely on what they've written on their gloves, scrubs or even the bedsheets. We take documentation into the 21st century by keeping track without adding any extra work so you can easily recall what was given and make this stressful and time-consuming part of the job a little bit easier.

How can the app help us decrease dosing errors?

We believe that the above-mentioned features will help HCPs avoid medication errors therefore adhering to best practices and the "five rights" of medication administration as recommended by institutions like the ISMP and Joint Commission.

What we do differently is we make this process seamless and intuitive, so you don't have to go out of your way to practice safely, we bring these best practices to the provider in an intuitive and accessible way that's easy to use. We help practitioners rapidly go through a safe path to dosing without cutting any corners.

Practicing medicine is hard enough, we wish to empower HCPs to focus their attention on the patient and not be bogged down by the process. We want them to be prepared for whatever emergency they may face so they can be the heroes they truly are.


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