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Transform risk into certainty with an emergency dosing tool for children and adults

The Certa Dose App allows you to visualize the right tool and correct volume for any age group, use a virtual measuring tape to estimate ideal body weight, and instantly document and time-stamp the given medication doses.

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Certa Dose uses state-of-the-art technology and modern visualization tools to provide HCPs a simple user interface and easy visualization of the dosage.

Know the size of your patient

The app gives you multiple options to enter the size of a patient, so you can use what best matches the needs of the clinical situation and your practice style.

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In case you can’t find your Broselow tape, Certa Dose has you covered. The app uses your phone as a “virtual measuring tape” to estimate the ideal body weight for both pediatric and adult patients.

Virtual measuring tool with powerful precision


Only Certa Dose app translates information into images, relieving medication doubts, and ensuring successful medication dosing.


With each step of the administration preparation being visual you are navigated through the emergency process with knowledge and safety.

Visual guidelines all the way


With just the right amount of information presented directly and visually, rest assured you have all the guidelines for the 5-rights of dosing with confidence, never having to second guess yourself.

Everything you need in one place, for dosing with peace of mind

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Ready to add peace of mind to your daily practice?


With the Certa Dose app, you can keep track of each medication administration as well as get a session summary report.


Once you complete the session, you will be able to save the run report for later as a PDF in a HIPAA compliant manner.

Instant and simultaneous session documentation

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