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Simply do no harm

We design simple dosing solutions that protect lives

Certa DoseSolutions

Dosing errors happen at alarming levels

Studies by Johns Hopkins and Journal of Patient Safety report that medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. Between 250,000 and 440,000 people die every year due to medical mistakes.


Approximately 7,000 children die and 140,000 are injured each year due to critical dosing errors.

Studies suggest 70% of dosing errors happen during the administration of drugs and are missed by modern electronic drug ordering systems.

Critical dosing errors are 3x more likely to occur in children than adults.

Simply do no harm

Certa Dose is dedicated to creating products that are founded on a mission to eliminate dosing errors. By relying on a color confirmation system and visualization, you can dose accurately without the necessity of complex calculations.

Cognitive offloading

Focus on the patient and the pathophysiology instead of being overwhelmed by the arithmetic.

Verification through visualization
Communication clarity between the team

Patient care is a team sport. Make sure you’re all on the same page and make sure “no one drops the baton” in the race to save lives.

Certa dose allows you to see the correct volume on the syringe so you can verify the dose.

Transform risk into certainty 

Certa Dose app is the only app that helps you visualize the correct dose, select the right syringe, and seamlessly document the session.

You can enter the patient's weight or estimate the weight with length or age when the actual weight isn't available. The app will help you verify the steps you go through in order to prevent medical dosing errors.

Our Products

Treating medical emergencies is challenging enough.
 HCP's shouldn't have to fear making a dosing mistake!

PALS syringe holder kit

Confidence and accuracy during a pediatric emergency code

Epinephrine convenience kit for Anaphylaxis

Precise epinephrine dosing from neonate to full dose

Measuring tape

An essential tool for pediatric weight estimation during emergencies

measuring-tape-min (2).png

What others say about our products

I have never been involved in a pediatric cardiac arrest code and I'm
scared to death to think of the day it will happen when I'm on duty. I
want to buy one for myself to be prepared when it will happen

Joy Ann, ER Nurse

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