Certa DoseTM is an FDA-cleared syringe clinically proven to reduce critical dosing errors to zero. Each syringe is labeled with easy to recognize color zones that match the Broselow® color system to help clinicians verify the correct dose during critical, time-sensitive situations.

  • Intuitive – easy to learn, teach, and use
  • The patient’s Broselow® color zone matches the color on the Certa DoseTM syringe
  • Color coding virtually eliminates dosing errors

Our EPI-Kit consists of a pediatric color-coded syringe, an adult 1 mL syringe, and an ampule (or vial) of epinephrine that features a commercial snapper to make it safer and easier to open. All of these elements are packaged in a small box, similar to unit dose drug boxes EMS and ED personnel are familiar with.

Confidence Through ConfirmationTM

Certa DoseTM is dedicated to giving confidence to the clinician when delivering critical drugs to children. The Certa DoseTM syringe is packaged in a convenience kit with the corresponding drug for safety purposes, eliminating the possibility of using the wrong syringe with the wrong drug. We received approval for our epinephrine color-coded Certa DoseTM syringe product in January 2017. Additional Certa DoseTM syringes are currently under FDA review.

Certa DoseTM plans to become the new standard for all pediatric measuring methods and eliminates the need to use electronic devices or complicated algorithms to get the right dose every time.

Here’s How It Works

  1. The clinician determines the dose of medication to be given to the patient using their institution’s standard protocols.
  2. The clinician calculates the dose of medication and carefully draws up epinephrine from its container into the syringe using the mL hash marks on the syringe.
  3. To validate the correct dosage, the clinician measures the child on the Broselow® color system and assigns the corresponding color to the child.
  4. The clinician confirms the dosage drawn matches the appropriate color on the Certa DoseTM syringe, filling the entire color band as necessary.

Save money and reduce critical dosing error risk with the $90 solution to your $10,000 problem.

On average, 50 million vials of epinephrine are sold each year to the hospital marketplace for adult and pediatric use.6 Certa DoseTM EPI-Kit is the fast, safe, and cost-effective alternative to current epinephrine delivery devices.

*    For 1 ambulance per allergic patient usage case
**  Preliminary price subject to change.
*** Based on expired product and average fleet